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I absolutely adore your blog! It has a very sophisticated feel to it and the "Style" section is superb! #muchlove :) xx

Aww, thanks sweetheart xx

what theme did you use and how did you did you do your blog roll

My theme (Thieves V.2) is by Megan. I added the blog roll using HTML coding, however the theme already has that as a feature… I just edited mine to show specific blogs x

Could you please tell your followers about my Ariana Grande Lifestyle blog? I love your Tumblr btw!!



my thoughts and prayers are going out for everyone even remotely affected by this tragedy that took place today. my heart is literally breaking for everyone. i wish nothing but the best for everyone affected from this day forward. the lost lives will be in my prayers for time to come. 

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Do you know where George's hoodie he wore when he arrived in Manchester is from please xx

It’s from Superdry xx

Have you found the jacket that George wore for his audition? If not, could you look for it? :) x

The closest thing I could find was this, but for other alternatives, feel free to google ‘hooded denim gilet male’ or something similar. I’ll be sure to upload the exact one if/when I find it xx

write an preference where you get attacked on the streets and they come and save you.

This is a style blog, hun. You can request preferences at this blog xx

Are you a boy or a girl? Why did you do this blog? :)

I’m a girl (which is why it’s a bit awkward for me to run this blog) and I guess I made this blog to… experiment x

Can you please tell your followers I am looking for a co-owner? Thanks xx

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