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Hello dearests,

I know I have not been the best person in the world, so please forgive me for that. I would just like to say that in regards to sending messages, please send a picture as well, and I have included a submit box on the ask page for you to do so.

If I have not replied to your message, it is either because:

  1. I do not know what item you’re talking about
  2. I do not know how to answer it/I do not want to answer it
  3. The item is no longer available/I cannot find the item
  4. I didn’t get the message in the first place

Please do not just say “yesterday” (e.g. jacket worn yesterday), because I’m honestly not that updated with the industry these days and I do not check this blog every single day. I also have 100+ messages left in my inbox and would also like to ask you guys to not send a request in more than twice!

That’s all for now, ta xx

Do you know where george got the jumper he wore to the 2nd date of Belfast m&g?

I’ve been a bit out of the loop, so please send me a photo! x

can you find what George wear? (sorry, but i don't know what is name of it :x) that overall/dunagre/jumsuit, with red check? (i can't speak english, sorry) ily ♥

I believe you mean this? If not, please send me a picture! x

George , have you got a middle name ?

I’m not George, but his middle name is Paul xx

do you know where George got his grey and red beanies, the ones with the brown label?

They’re from Callous. I’ve linked them below xx

Do u know where i can get the monkey onesie George Shelley wore in the 2 little monkeys JJ and George twitcam? :) Xxxx

They’re from here, although because my response is so late, it mightn’t be available anymore xx

I absolutely adore your blog! It has a very sophisticated feel to it and the "Style" section is superb! #muchlove :) xx

Aww, thanks sweetheart xx

what theme did you use and how did you did you do your blog roll

My theme (Thieves V.2) is by Megan. I added the blog roll using HTML coding, however the theme already has that as a feature… I just edited mine to show specific blogs x

Could you please tell your followers about my Ariana Grande Lifestyle blog? I love your Tumblr btw!!



my thoughts and prayers are going out for everyone even remotely affected by this tragedy that took place today. my heart is literally breaking for everyone. i wish nothing but the best for everyone affected from this day forward. the lost lives will be in my prayers for time to come. 

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